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Google Ads for Interior Designers

Google Ads for Interior Designers

Google Ads has always been a great ally of the luxury segment (you can read the Luxury Google Ads article here) and is a fundamental support in generating leads, especially international leads, in the interior design sector.

I have been managing Google Ads campaigns on an international scale since I began in 2014, and I've provided Google Ads consulting for the best interior design studios in Europe.

The interior design sector has always gone hand in hand with the real estate sector because design comes into play at the same time as the decision to buy a house.

In the conversion funnel, the need to contact an interior designer (or interior architect) is at the end, i.e. at the point of generating the conversion (generating the lead).

This is why we talk about Google Ads search campaigns aimed at lead generation.

The person or decision-maker searching Google for an interior designer knows exactly what they need, and in many cases they know or have an idea of the price range.

In this segment, the pricing factor is not as relevant as lead management, lead nurturing and, obviously, the level of service.

I have created and managed (still do), regional, national and international campaigns for the interior design segment, and the international campaigns are without a doubt the most interesting.


Because someone from London, for example, who is looking for an interior designer in Ibiza, just by the type of search, eliminates several negative touchpoints (purchasing power, urgency of the service, etc. – we will talk about this during our first meeting).

The lead coming in may be for a primary or secondary home, holiday home, summer home, mountain chalet, etc.

Leads in this segment tend to be much more loyal to the service provider than in other segments, can generate more conversions (when buying other houses) and tend to attract new customers from their trusted family and business circles.

Using our earlier example:

Google Ads for Interior Designers

From the UK alone:

Google Ads for Interior Designers

There are 150 monthly searches for keywords related to interior design in Ibiza (we are talking about micro-niche market), with 30% coming from desktops (in the Luxury Google Ads blog post, you will see why this is important).

Google Ads for Interior Designers

With year-round searches.

Now using the same keywords, let’s look at searches from all over the world:

Google Ads for Interior Designers

Google Ads for Interior Designers

There are 690 monthly searches for keywords related to "interior design Ibiza", with 38% coming from a desktop.

That's 23 daily searches on average, every day of the year:

Google Ads for Interior Designers

Now let's see a real example from one of my interior design clients in Europe. They are ranked first ahead of 13 competitors, with an international impression share of 23%.

Google Ads for Interior Designers

In the last 30 days and with €150 in Google Ads campaigns, Google Ads has generated 16 international leads, with an average cost per lead of €9.

Google Ads for Interior Designers

With a closing rate of, let's say, 20% (we will talk about this together too), that is 3 new customers/projects in 30 days.

You know better than I do the profit that a new project can have for your studio. Multiply that by 3 and you’ll have the potential profit this campaign will have generated.

On to the next conversion with the Google Ads for Interior Designers!




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