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The DACH Market and Google Ads

The DACH Market and Google Ads

The DACH market, made up of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is a thriving and dynamic region for companies looking to expand online. In this context, Google Ads stands out as a fundamental tool to reach specific audiences and generate tangible results.


However, to make the most of Google Ads in the DACH market, it's crucial to understand the region's cultural nuances and consumer trends.

It is a complicated market, it has several leading Google Ads agencies, and CPC tends to be much higher than in other European countries due to the average purchasing power of the DACH region – the highest in Europe.


The DACH's TTC (time to conversion) is one of the fastest in the world. It is a solid, real market that knows what it's looking for and what it needs, which means it takes very little time to generate a conversion, whether a lead, a booking or a purchase.


Segmentation in this market is crucial to maximise the performance of Google Ads campaigns. The main language is clearly German, although many people speak English well. Several multinational companies are present, both German and international, which is why we use a lot of German and English in B2B.


With its extremely high market penetration in terms of the internet and Google as a search engine, plus a purchasing power above the European average and a proneness to quick decisions, the DACH market is unquestionably a hugely important market for companies that want to reach customers outside their borders.

The DACH market is one of the markets we know best. We work for German and Swiss companies in their respective markets, as well as for European companies who want to promote their products and services in this wonderful region.


Here is a screenshot of a French company, a client of ours, who advertises in this market:

The DACH Market and Google Ads

In the last 30 days we have generated 417 conversions in this market, with an average cost per conversion of €6.43.

We are currently managing campaigns in the DACH market for companies operating in insurance, real estate, online courses, training, consultancy, hospitality and the nautical and automotive sectors.

The DACH Market and Google Ads: On to the next conversion!




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