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  • What do you specialise in?
    We're specialists in Google Ads and in all the tools and software needed to perfect Google Ads campaigns, such as Google Tag Manager, behavioural analysis software, etc. As Google Ads is the only service we offer (which goes hand in hand with strategy and analysis), and we have perfected it so much over the years that we have become a European benchmark.
  • What is your expertise and experience in Google Ads?
    We have been managing Google Ads campaigns since 2014 in various sectors such as Real Estate, Travel, Entertainment, E-commerce, Interior Design, Hospitality, Fashion, Nautical, Insurance, Car & Motorcycle Dealerships, Marketing Agencies, Golf Courses, Holiday Rentals, Car & Motorhome rental, Education and Consulting. We have spanned 19 countries and 7 different languages with the 15,000 campaigns we've managed and are currently managing for our clients. Biriwuanga is a certified Google Partner, member of the Google Ads Product Research Team and Member of the Google Ads Advisors community.
  • What kind of clients do you work with?
    All kinds. From freelancers to small businesses and multinational companies. We dialogue with company owners, decision makers, Marketing Directors, Sales & Marketing teams and serve as support for marketing staff. On the Blog, we post case studies of real Biriwuanga clients.
  • What is your pricing model or how do you charge for services?
    It depends a great deal on the type of service and campaigns, and several factors that we will cover together before we get started. To give you an idea, our fees start at 1000 € / month, and we charge no commissions on our clients' ad spend. For special requests, occasional or periodic consultancy, our fee is 200 € / hour.
  • Is there a minimum contract duration?
    No. We have always liked to give and to have maximum freedom of choice. Every client can discontinue the service from one month to the next (that never happens – we have a client retention rate of 100%). The results we deliver are our best guarantee – there's no need for a 12-month contract to prove it.
  • How do we stay connected as we collaborate?
    All our clients have direct contact with us 7/7 via a chat on WhatsApp, where we pass on information, ideas, reports, etc. In addition, every quarter we make a video report for each client. (Average Reply Time for our clients: 30 minutes.)
  • Who will be my contact person?
    It will always be Dean, the founder and CEO of Biriwuanga. We do not work with account managers, junior or senior. Every client is special to us, and when they join Biriwuanga, all clients are equal, regardless of their social standing. That is why we have limited space and often work with a waiting list.
  • I'm in a hurry. Can we launch the campaigns already?
    No. Before launching the campaigns, we conduct a complete analysis of the current situation and the desired situation, we prepare all the battle equipment to be able to measure everything (absolutely everything), then we prepare the campaigns and launch the campaigns in the first testing phase.
  • Are you going to work with my competitors?
    No. We have always believed that anyone in our line of work cannot work with 2 clients who are competitors in the same target area. We work on an area-exclusivity basis, so if for example you have a Spa in Paris, we will not have other clients with a Spa in Paris.
  • How do you measure the results of your Google Ads campaigns?
    We are constantly showing our clients the campaign ROAS and ROI while the campaigns are running, so at every moment you know the cost per lead, the cost of acquisition or the cost per booking.
  • How much involvement is required from the client?
    It greatly depends on the objectives. The set-up phase is a crucial time for planning and organising successful campaigns. With some clients, we are in contact almost every day, and with others once a month.
  • Does my business really need Google Ads campaign management?
    If you are reading these questions and if your customers can Google you, probably yes. We will clear up any of your doubts during our first free meeting which we can do via Google Meet, so we can get to know each other and see what type of campaigns best suit your business.
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