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Google Ads Experts = Business Experts?

Google Ads Experts = Business Experts?

No, in the vast majority of cases, Google Ads experts, digital marketers, social media marketers, SEO experts, web agencies and all types of digital marketing professionals are not business experts.


A gap opens up, a void between demand and supply.


Unlike other channels such as content creation, web design, SEO, etc., where business knowledge is not as essential, in the Google Ads (and in some cases Meta Ads) segment, market and business knowledge is key.


I'm much more of an expert in business than in Google Ads, and that's what makes Biriwuanga so successful. It's a mix of both; I would never have been able to reach so many international leads without Google Ads, and I would never have been able to manage them as clients without my business experience.


Often, new clients who already had a Google Ads guru or expert or SEM agency confirm what I am writing.

A few examples of what they tell me:

"The agency says the CTR is high and the campaigns have been perfected."

"We don't know our cost per conversion."

"The people who contact us are not in our target market."

"The CPA is too high, more expensive than the product we sell."

"We don't have any reports from the campaigns."

"They tell us the campaigns are fine and that they can't do anything else."

"It takes them 2 weeks to reply/implement what we've decided."


(I could go on giving examples for hours).


I don't blame them. They are (I hope for your sake) Google Ads experts; they're not businesspeople or business experts (I repeat, in most cases).


And do you know why?


Because unless your company is a multinational, your Google Ads account will be managed by someone at junior level, often earning very low pay, who, in their 40 hours a week, will have to manage X clients like you. This person responsible for your Google Ads account is often under 30 years old and has little to no real business experience.


We wouldn't have half the clients we have if I didn't have international business and corporate experience, both online and offline.


With my clients, once we've discussed the performance of their Google Ads campaigns, we talk about HR, lead nurturing (blog), time to conversion, CLV (blog), pricing, etc.


That's because when a new client comes to Biriwuanga, the one and only goal we have is to generate more business for our client.


I don't care about clicks, impressions, CTRs, views, market trends or what the competition is doing; the only goal is generating leads, sales and bookings.


This is one of the reasons why we use Google Ads as the only channel to achieve this goal, because it would be inconceivable to reach this level by offering half a dozen services such as social media marketing, SEO, CRM, web design, etc.


One last element that I want to add – and I consider this fundamental – is the track record that the SEM agency or Google Ads expert has. Don't get me wrong – the market needs all levels of experience. I also started with Google Ads at a professional level in 2014 with small businesses, and it's only right for every business to evolve in its own natural way.


But in other cases, when the client needs a higher level of Google Ads expertise, it's always good to ask for the history of campaigns they've managed and – if it were me personally – proof of their turnover or something similar.


Because I can guarantee you one thing.


If a Google Ads expert or SEM agency is not able to generate business for themselves, believe me, they will be far less able to do so for your company.

On to the next conversion with Google Ads!




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