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Google Ads for Restaurants

Google Ads for Restaurants

One of my very first clients was a chain of pizzerias.

10 years later, I have advised and managed Google Ads accounts for all types of businesses in the restaurant industry, from chain restaurants to delivery, Michelin-starred restaurants, show cooking, personal chefs, buffets, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, speciality meats or fish, restaurants with affordable price as their strong point, others with very high prices, exclusive restaurants, luxury restaurants, on the beach front, in the mountains, in the city centre and aboard cruise ships.

Of all the sectors where we work with Google Ads, this sector is one of the most complex for a number of reasons. One is undoubtedly the cost per conversion relative to the revenue generated by each reservation: I can't need a €48 investment per table reserved if the average bill is €50.

Google Ads works wonders when the restaurant has a signature dish, service or other element. Take the word "sushi", for example.

In this case, users who search for "sushi restaurant near me" create the filter just by typing the word, making positioning in Google Ads much easier. If we also add the location, the user puts 2 filters on the same search, such as "sushi restaurant in London".

Searches only from United Kingdom for the words "sushi restaurant London":

Google Ads for Restaurants

Linear searches are available all year round.

Google Ads for Restaurants

There are 474,000 monthly searches for these keywords or related keywords, which is 15,800 searches per day and about 600 searches per hour.

Google Ads for Restaurants

If we analyse in depth, we notice that there has been a change in many related keywords, with an increase in searches over the past 3 months.

Plus, the level of competition in Google Ads for these words is low. Classic example of a niche market that's easy to penetrate.

Let's look at the same example, but now with users searching from other countries for the keywords "sushi restaurant London":

Google Ads for Restaurants

Google Ads for Restaurants

Google Ads for Restaurants

There are 52,000 international searches for these keywords, with the USA and Germany being the main markets. These users are probably looking for a sushi restaurant in London for their next trip to the UK, whether for business or pleasure.

Here’s a real example of a client of ours with nationwide campaigns:

Google Ads for Restaurants

We have 8 active campaigns, including awareness and conversions for reservations, display campaigns, remarketing and, of course, search campaigns.

The investment in these campaigns amounted to €1640. 322 conversions were generated, with an average cost per conversion of €4.95.

The total conversion value of these campaigns is €49,000.

ROI (return on investment): 2887% (every €1 invested has generated €28).

Google Ads for Restaurants

Bon appétit and on to the next conversion with the Google Ads for Restaurants campaigns!




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