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Google Ads in %

Google Ads in %

· People are four times more likely to click ads on Google (63%) than on any other advertisement network.

· Consumers are twice as likely to visit a physical store if they see a geo-located ad.

· 80% consumers want ads customised according to their location.

· Around 50% of internet users fail to spot the difference between paid and organic search results.

· The top three paid ads on a Google Ads search results page receive 46% of the clicks.

· Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they invest in Google Ads (Google Economic Impact Report). Read our blog post The importance of measuring conversions in Google Ads to see examples of revenue from our campaigns with 42:1 ratios (every €1 generates €42 in revenue).

· 65% of people click on ads when making purchases. When searching for a certain product, placing your ad on Google can help you secure the purchase over your competition.

· Google says 98% of global consumers that were surveyed reported that they shopped online. This includes browsing, researching, and actually making a purchase.

· Google Ads convert 50% more than organic search results.

· 58% of millennials ended up purchasing something online because of pay-per-click Ads.

· 89% of the traffic created by search ads is not overtaken by organic clicks even when these ads are paused.

· Google Ads display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users.

· 65% of small business-to-business (B2B) companies have acquired a customer through Google Ads.

· Google owns 83.84% of the search engine market share worldwide.

· Of people who click on Google search network ads, 55% of them prefer text ads.

After these 15 points, I'm sure you understand why we are so passionate about Google Ads and why we have specialised so intensively to become a certified Google Partner and member of the Google Ads Product Research Team.

On to the next conversion!




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