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Google Ads for Golf Courses

Google Ads for Golf Courses

This is the classic high-end target. They are usually quick decision-makers and tend to plan well ahead of time.

Golfers are like a tribe, and whether they are playing in their home country or travelling for work or holidays, Google Ads is the key tool for golfers to find the right golf course, in the right place and, most importantly, at the right time (we will talk in our first meeting about the time-based Google Ads strategy for this target).

Let's take a look at some examples and analyse the numbers to better understand this segment:

Take, for instance, users from the UK, Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands who search for the keywords "Golf Course Barcelona".

Google Ads for Golf Courses

As you can see, there are searches year-round and from all the countries we are analysing, with the UK leading the way at 62%:

Google Ads for Golf Courses

Searches from computers account for more than 50%, a classic in this target (read the other blog posts to understand the importance of this detail):

Google Ads for Golf Courses

And related keywords:

Google Ads for Golf Courses

With around 2000 searches per month (that's about 70 searches every day), a low level of competition on all keywords and positive search increases over the last 3 months and compared to last year (with peaks of +271% for the keyword "golf courses near Barcelona"), this is a classic example of how an international search campaign can generate direct leads and bookings on the website.

And now, a real campaign for a golf course, a client of ours, in France, because I like to give examples, and I especially like showing real results for real clients we manage:

Google Ads for Golf Courses

In the last 30 days, there has been an investment of €301, with a click-through rate of 16% and a conversion rate of 35% (both figures are 3-4 times higher than European averages).

Now we come to the most critical point, conversions:

A total of 110 conversions were generated, with an average cost per conversion of €2.74. The total value of these conversions is €15,800.

Calculator in hand:

ROAS (return on ad spend) is 5149% (every €1 invested in campaigns has generated €51).

Google Ads for Golf Courses

And to be as transparent as possible, now we'll calculate the ROI (return of investment), the amount invested in Google Ads and our monthly fee (which in this case is €1600/month, divided by 3 because there are other active campaigns):

Google Ads for Golf Courses

The ROI is 1792% (for every €1 invested in campaigns and in our monthly fee, the client has generated €17).

On to the next conversion with Google Ads campaigns for Golf Courses! Dean.



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