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October: Hunting for Leads with Google Ads

October: Hunting for Leads with Google Ads

I always give real examples of our clients, but in this article we'll go a step further and I'll show you how we find international leads for Biriwuanga.

When I talk to my colleagues, friends, other Google Ads professionals, etc., they are always amazed that I'm not "afraid" to share this information because the competition might do this, do that, etc.

I don't mind.

I've created this blog to make the world of Google Ads as transparent as possible – for consultants and agencies, for partners and for those who are just starting out.

Experience has taught me that the market always, always puts everyone in their place. Besides, lead acquisition is one part – certainly an important part – of a whole process for achieving a good closing rate and client retention rate.

Let's dig in:

October has always been a good month in terms of leads. On a behavioural level, this is normal – people and companies relax in the summer (most of them, as I understand it), and in October the engines start up again (which won't last long – in December the engines will once again grind to a halt).

Plus, this month we had the Partner Summit 2023:

October: Hunting for Leads with Google Ads

We also received several surveys from the Googe Ads product research team:

October: Hunting for Leads with Google Ads

Because to be an expert in generating leads is to keep learning, improving and testing new products and solutions.

Back to the leads:

We have set up 5 search campaigns in a very, very difficult market and in several European countries:

October: Hunting for Leads with Google Ads

October: Hunting for Leads with Google Ads

As you can see, there are many more searches in October than in June (see the 3-month change), and of course, cost per click (CPC) for the top positions is usually between €13 and €19.

October: Hunting for Leads with Google Ads

It's a complicated market because the majority of advertisers are usually experts in Google Ads, and the search is very technical, so the CPC is high.

Now let's look at our campaigns:

October: Hunting for Leads with Google Ads

The average click-through rate (CTR) is somewhat low due to the huge competition; the overall campaign had a total spend of €505 in 30 days, generating 3 conversions with an average cost per conversion of €168.

Although it has been difficult, we have had the best impression share of all competitors and in all countries, even above Google itself:

October: Hunting for Leads with Google Ads

How do we do it? Perseverance, testing, patience, experience, behavioural analysis and the most important thing I always tell my clients:

You don't have to be there all the time – you have to be there at the right time.

Of the 3 conversions:

1. Lead has not replied to the email I wrote (I will never understand why someone writes if they later don't even bother to reply to an email... I will be asking myself this question until the day I retire).

2. Lead from the Netherlands who needed a one-off consultancy. We've made some tweaks to campaigns, Tag Manager and its triggers, given some tips during two different video calls and they will get back in touch with us at the end of the year for the next checkup. Current lead revenue: €1600.

3. Lead from the UK, transport sector, needs Google Ads experts to launch their campaigns at European level. Revenue: €1500/month with no end date. (As you can read in our other blog posts, our contracts do not have permanence. This gives both us and our clients a lot of peace of mind. Since we know that we offer our clients real results – not to mention, as you’ve just read, generating real results for ourselves – there is no need for any permanence.)

Calculator in hand, in the case that Lead 3 is only with us for 2 years (which is not the case):

October: Hunting for Leads with Google Ads

The €500 campaign has generated 3 leads, 2 of which have generated and will generate a total of €37,600, giving us an ROI of 7420% (every €1 invested will have generated €74).

On to the next conversion with Google Ads!




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