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Google Ads for the Entertainment, Recreation & Amusement Sector

Google Ads for the Entertainment, Recreation & Amusement Sector

These campaigns are very interesting and complex at the same time, because as we will see below, the targets are very different from one another and the decision-making phases vary greatly. In many cases, the user is already at the end of the conversion funnel or we are in the cross-selling/upselling phase.

Whether targeting business or leisure travellers, tourists or locals, Google Ads search campaigns for this sector are a powerful generator of leads, bookings, online and offline sales (such as walk-ins).

I have managed, analysed, strategised and refined Google Ads campaigns for amusement parks, theme parks, sports resorts, events, concerts and guides on a regional, national and international level.

In many cases, upselling and cross-selling are also more important than the initial sale.

Look at cruises, for example, or big theme parks, which often have very attractive and heavily discounted offers on the trip or the ticket and then design an upselling and cross-selling strategy with a whole range of additional services.

On cruises, this looks like excursions, photos, extra drinks, casino, shops, spa, etc.

At theme parks, it's restaurants or F&B in general, souvenirs, fast passes, customised events, etc.

That is why it's essential to thoroughly understand your business in order to know what type of Google Ads strategy and campaigns to create.

In our initial meetings, we will discuss crucial points such as:

1. Repeating clients

2. Time to conversion

3. Upselling and cross-selling ratios

4. Best-performing period/month/day

5. Profit margin on products or services

6. Fixed, seasonal or dynamic fees

The main type of campaign for this sector is Google Ads search campaigns, where the user at this precise moment is looking for the service in a specific geographical area (whether at home organising a holiday or business trip or whether they're already at their destination).

Based on the type of business, we can create campaigns for lead generation, online sales and offline sales/walk-ins. Based on time to conversion and statistical data of your target market, we can work with remarketing campaigns at various levels.

I'm very enthusiastic about this sector because it's incredibly dynamic, diverse and full of vastly different profiles.

For example, in a large outlet centre that I helped with behavioural analysis, we increased visits on rainy days by creating campaigns dedicated exclusively to keywords such as "what to do in Barcelona when it rains".

I love finding and working with niche and micro-niche markets. Google Ads is a perfect tool, if managed and employed thoroughly, to find – or, better said, to let you be found on Google with very specific search.

A zip-line park with children's courses is a classic example of "family friendly" campaigns based on searches like "what to do with kids in Paris" or "family-friendly adventure in Berlin", etc.

It is the users themselves who, with their detailed searches, create and enter our market niche. Another example could be pet-friendly events for tourists and locals travelling with pets.

I have found that, depending on the user's market of origin, the decision stages vary greatly from target to target.

There are very specific audiences for this sector that book well in advance from the computer (3-6-12 months) and others that book almost last minute or little in advance from mobile phones (they are usually already at their destination).

This is why it is incredibly important to work with multi-target, multi-language Google Ads campaigns and cross-reference data with your business to know exactly when and how people search for you. That way, you will always be present with your Google Ads search ads on mobile phones, tablets and computers, in the user's country of residence or at their destination.

Here is a Google review from a client of ours in this sector who started with Google Ads consultancy and evolved into full Google Ads account management with various types of campaigns:

"In less than 2 months the Biriwuanga team has managed to be part of our day to day operations and they've turned into a key supplier to our business. Always available, communicative, creative and what's more important, delivering outstanding and top tier results.

Dean is one of the most experienced professionals we have ever come across with and we couldn't be prouder to say that we are now working hand in hand to make the most of our daily operations".

On to the next conversion with the Google Ads for the Entertainment, Recreation & Amusement Sector Campaigns!




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